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Advance the vision of Beyond Us & Them

Beyond Us & Them holds a vision of a culture of social connection, engagement and resilience that promotes mutual respect and care and dismantles systems of oppression, exclusion and racism.

$27,760 raised

$500,000 goal


We are committed to creating a world that goes Beyond Us and Them

Beyond Us & Them is an initiative of Center for Council that celebrates a powerful vision of compassion and community and provides a platform for systems change.

Through the Beyond Us & Them Initiative, we hope to foster greater connections, not only within, but between the communities we serve, ultimately contributing to a greater sense of unity in our city, state, and around the world. Together, we will lead the creation of new programs and practices that generate respectful dialogue and creative solutions to our collective challenges. The systemic changes demanded by the current socio-political moment can only be achieved through the cultivation of empathy and communication on an individual level. Beyond Us & Them will enable us to leverage the transformative impact of council to create tangible social change in our community.

In order for this to become a reality, we have created a capacity building initiative outlining the steps we will take to solidify our infrastructure and expand compassion-based programming that reframes the way we support law enforcement, healthcare workers, community-based organizations, educators and policymakers.

Your generous support will help launch this initiative at this critical time. We invite you to learn more about our commitment to real world impact, evidence-based methodology and championing reform at


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